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//Assistance in 15+ Countries

Setting The Standard for Assistance Companies in the Region

CONNEX Assistance is the leading - and sometimes the only - provider of professional and reliable assistance in many of the countries we operate. We facilitate:

  • Access to the best medical facilities
  • Emergency road and air ambulances
  • Conduct effective cost containment
  • Human Body Remains repatriation (HBR)
  • Emergency search and rescue

Medical Assistance

We have a track record of efficiency in dealing with medical cases from simple doctor’s visits to hospitalizations and complex repatriations.

Air Ambulance

We arrange ICU air ambulances, stretcher flights with escort and oxygen support, and ground support throughout the region.

Travel Assistance

We can provide convenient support in complex situations by simplifying bookings, lost luggage compensation and airport transfers.

Cost Containment

We draw upon our network experience and our case volume to deliver the best possible services at efficient costs.

Technical Assistance

CONNEX Assistance’s expert staff is ready at our 24/7 alarm centers to respond quickly and effectively.

Human Body Remain Repatriation

We handle the challenges of HBR from government paperwork, European standard of embalming and transportation to IATA standards.

Legal Assistance

We have expert legal counsel who have managed everything from high profile cases to local governmental routine and paperwork.

CONNEX 24/7 Air Ambulance Service

This service is for VIP private individuals who need assistance in booking air ambulances during emergency situations.

Concierge Services

We handle all the needs of VIP insureds and can provide 24-hour support for all their requirements.

Corporate Healthcare

We provide solutions to large companies looking to find the best insurance provider for their employees or providing medical facilities on site.

Travel For Treatment

CONNEX Assistance manages and organizes medical treatment in the best-in-class facilities around the world for companies and individuals.

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Contact our office in Cairo, Egypt, or Dubai, UAE to find out how we can provide 24/7 assistance in over 15 countries

The Leading Assistance Company in the Middle East & Africa With A Vast Global Provider Network

Our Company


Since our inception in 1999

CONNEX Assistance has set the standard for assistance companies in the Middle East and Africa by servicing inbound cases to the highest global standards, and outbound cases seeking the world’s best medical facilities.



In many ways

we have blazed the trail to be the first and only provider of professional reliable assistance in many of the countries we operate.


We work with hundreds of travel insurers, health insurers, and assistance companies from around the world, facilitating access to the best medical facilities, organizing emergency road and air ambulances, conducting cost containment, and human body remains repatriation.

Our offices are based in

Cairo, Egypt, and Dubai, UAE and from there we extend our assistance services to include various countries in the region. These include Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Iraq, Turkey, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Angola, and Djibouti amongst others.



Our multi-lingual alarm center

Operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to delivery rapid and efficient assistance which includes: medical, technical, funeral, legal and travel assistance, as well as cost containment and concierge services.

We Are Proud of

Our Quality Certifications

We work to the highest international standards of insurance and assistance companies worldwide.

//Our Team

Dr Helmy El Tanahy


Lara Helmi

Managing Director

Samia Khalil

Network Director

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Egypt Office :


+2 02 333 2 35 98

UAE Office :


+ 971 4 587 69 89